AKR Door solutions is a genuine and superior quality ABS (SMART DOORS) dealers in Chennai. AKR Door solutions supply a wide range of top graded ABS (SMART DOORS) doors that are used to in many sectors in Chennai. These doors are fabricated with latest technology to ensure accurate functioning. All of our ABS (SMART DOORS) are manufactured in our modern facilities to our customer's exact requirements. AKR Door solutions ,a pioneer in high performance ABS (SMART DOORS) service Provider Operating from Chennai. Perfromance of our ABS (SMART DOORS)are independently tested and certified to relevant standards. Due to these supreme quality, AKR Door solutions is recognized as a leader in ABS (SMART DOORS) dealers in Chennai. Our continuous efforts are directed towards maintaining international quality standards in our assortment of doors. AKR Door solutions offer both customized and/or standard size ABS (SMART DOORS) compliance with international standards meeting quality, safety, and design and usability requirements in Chennai. AKR Door solutions are the prominent ABS (SMART DOORS) dealers in Chennai.

Product Description

ABS (Smart Doors)

AKR Door solutions dealing with ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Doors) is a thermoplastic consisting of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. Butadiene is a derivative of Natural Rubber and that is largely responsible for the strength and impact resistance. ABS Doors Are Highly Applicable in All residential Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Hospitals and Institutions. Our ABS Doors gets itsstrength and rigidity from Acrylonitrile and Styrene and the toughness from Butadiene. It is considered superior for its hardness, toughness and impact resistance. There are several mechanical properties of ABS which are really advantageous for Door. The properties of Water Proof, Impact resistance and toughness makes it ideal for use across several applications. ABS is recyclable and light in weight. It is also found to be Dimensionally stable and does not bend or twist so easily. ABS is also Flame Retardant, Water Proof and Heat Resistant.

Features of ABS Doors:

 No Maintenance
 Moisture Resistant
 Termite Proof
  Dimensional Stability (No Twists/Bends).
  No Thermal Expansion
  Energy Efficient
  Easy Installation
  Water Proof
  Choice of Colors and Designs
  Light in Weight
  Does not Rot or Decompose